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Lecture:TOR tunes nutrient stress-induced developmental plasticity of plants
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Title: TOR tunes nutrient stress-induced developmental plasticity of plants 

Lecturer: Prof. Ruediger Hell, Heidelberg University

Time: November 20, 900-11:00 

Venue: Science Building A201 


Dr Ruediger Hell is a world-famous scholar specialized in plant nutrition.  His expertise is in the molecular mechanism of the absorption and assimilation of sulfur.


Since 2003     Full Professor (C4) at the Heidelberg Institute for Plant Sciences, now Centre for Organismal Studies at the University of Heidelberg 

2005-2007     Dean of the Faculty of Biology 

2008-2012     Co-Speaker of Research Council of Heidelberg Molecular Life Sciences 

2007-2010     Chair of the Heidelberg Institute for Plant Sciences 

2010-2012     Deputy Director of the Centre for Organismal Studies 

Since 2010     Speaker of GBM study Group Plant Biotechnology 

Since 2012     Director of the Metabolomics Core Technology Platform Heidelberg 

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